Be Yourself Because There Will Never Be Another



There will come a time, hopefully sooner than later, that you will realize no one else's opinion of you matters at all.

As much as people hate to admit, your world does revolve around you.

That is not a selfish way of thinking, it is a realistic one.

No one spends more time with you than you. You are stuck with yourself for every single minute of your life. So there is simply no reason for you to not be who you want to be.

In a world which runs on people trying to impress others, be someone who is just trying to impress you.

Be Yourself! Have your own sense of humor, your own sense of style, and your own way of thinking.

There is nothing wrong with looking up to people who have achieved what you want to, and that you one day hope to emulate their success. That doesn't mean you cant throw your own spin on it.

I am going to say something that many feel, but no one really wants to talk about...

Bullying lasts past High School, people have cliques everywhere you go, and somewhere for some reason someone in your life WILL NOT LIKE YOU.

And to that I say...who cares?

The only people you should hope to impress other than yourself is the ones you love, because they are the only ones who want to see you truly succeed. They are also the ones who love you when you are simply being yourself.

And why do I always say Be Yourself? Well, because there will never for the rest of time be another YOU!

Think about are the only you who will ever exist for the rest of time, and no one will ever be comparable. 

Embrace that, love it, and never allow society to take that gift away from you.

Don't conform to society, MAKE SOCIETY CONFORM TO YOU.

You are the only one that will ever be able to leave YOUR mark on this world.

Don't settle for not good enough...GET BETTER!