About Us

Get Better started as a simple idea, that turned into a theme in which had a sole goal to impact each and every person who wanted to improve their life.

Growing up Get Better Founder Jake Kosack had always faced issues with his weight. Never accepting the fact that he needed to change, he never took the initiative to do so.

After always believing he was fine the way he was, he slowly began to recognize that he wasn't the best version of himself. After several moments in his life, he realized the time was now to make a change.

By starting to go to the gym, and completely change his diet, he did the unthinkable and lost 70 pounds. While this physical change is what people notice, it was the internal change that has changed his life forever. 

Never accepting his entire life the fact that someone couldn't achieve his dream, after the weight loss, this belief became even stronger.

Now his sole goal is to inspire each and every person to go after there dreams, and accept the reality that they are not good enough, and the only option they have is to get better.

The message is simple- You are never the greatest, and the moment you think you are, is the moment you'll never GET BETTER.