I Am Here To Continue A Legacy

I now know why I was put on this earth...

My family has been through a lot the last few months, months I could have never expected in a hundred lifetimes. 

Loss and struggle tried consuming our lives, but one thing you saw with this family is that we never faltered. We only Got Better.

We didn't let our bond break, we only let it grow stronger. 

I was born the luckiest kid in the world with the family I got. They are my best friends, they are the reason I get up each morning and want to be a success, they define my life. 

The last couple months I have been tested with the same question continuously. That question is "What I am here to do?"

I have had to truly confront for the first time what I believe my purpose on this earth is. 

My whole life I have always learned about the history of my family because I always loved knowing how I came to be.

My grandparents have told me countless stories of their family history, but what each of them had to battle in their own lives is awe-inspiring enough. They battled in the streets of New York, hardship, struggle, and one even battled cancer. 

They earned everything they got in their lives. No one handed them the lives they got, they worked hard for them. Each of them in my eyes is a hero.

My Mom and Dad are the two strongest people I have ever known. They are tested each day, and never back down. They are my real life "Rocky Balboa's".

My sisters and I couldn't have asked to be born into a better family. More importantly, we are blessed to have been given each other. They learned from my parents and grandparents how to battle, and they inspire me to fight each day.

I have always said that you were put on this planet for one sole reason, and that is to accomplish whatever it is you want to do. Now more than ever I now know that those words couldn't be truer.

So why was I put on this planet?

I was put on this planet to continue the unbelievable legacy that has been set before me. I was put on this planet to work for the New York Yankees, create a brand that inspires others, and to provide a life for my family where anything they want, they will get.

It is nothing short of an honor to carry on my families legacy, and I hope to take it to new heights because that is what they have earned.

 I need to Get Better not just for myself, but for the LEGACY, I hope to leave behind.