If You Forget Your Past, You Forget Who You Are

If I sat here everyday and thought about the people who never thought I would amount to anything, I wouldn't accomplish anything with my day. 

Growing up I had a lot of things happen to me that brought me here to this moment in time, and I can promise you not many people thought I would be where I am today.

It started off in Kindergarten. My teacher didn't think I was ready to move onto 1st grade, but my parents fought it to the end to make sure I wasn't held back.

I had speech and OT issues all throughout elementary school. While kids got to enjoy recess, I was stuck inside just trying to pronunciate words correctly, or write in a straight line. 

I was never really the best student, but it got worse once I got to High School. I was failing classes my freshman year, and struggled to just pass a class. 

My personal life was even worse. I progressively got heavier throughout my life, and hit a max of 230 pounds. Almost every girl I ever asked out rejected me, and anytime I used to tell anyone about my dreams of success they would laugh. I was simply just an unhappy person by the time I became a Sophomore in college.

A lot of you might be wondering how I'm willing to share this with you, and that answer is because I know I have failed, but I also know that I'm still breathing, I'm still standing, and I now have the attitude that I'm not taking any shit from nobody. 

I have gotten better over the last two years, but I'm not even close to being the best I can be, and I never will be. 

Each breath you are given is a chance to GET BETTER, and every thing that went wrong in your life is something to motivate you be the best you can be. 

Take everything bad that has happened to you, and turn it into something amazing.Take everything bad that has happened to you and turn it into the body of your dreams, the job of your dreams, the life of your dreams.

"A dream is only a dream if you let it be, if you want it to become a reality bad enough then you will make it one." -Jake Kosack

As my idol Rocky Balboa said "I ain't going down no more."

This concept is one you need to apply to every minute of your life. If something goes wrong, get back up, and go fight today with the best punch you got.