A Roadblock Is Just Another Direction Sign

On Friday, I took a six and a half hour ride with my sister to Connecticut, but it should have just taken three hours. There was a lot of traffic and multiple accidents, and it totally altered our trip.

I told her to go off at the next exit and I navigated us through the backroads. It would have taken much longer on the highway, but we found another way. 

No matter what, there is ALWAYS another way. 

Lately, I have been down on myself. Just feel as if I haven't accomplished what I had hoped yet. This week though I got some well-needed wake-up calls from some friends.

A good friend decided to call me out on my shit, and it was something I needed. Even though all the things I have changed in my life, one problem I have is that I get down on myself way too hard and way to fast. I took it as a good thing because it helped me realize it is my responsibility as someone who hopes to inspire other people that you have to spread positivity, not negativity.

Spreading negativity doesn't change an outcome, and even if it is all solely based towards you, it won't change anything. It is okay to not be happy with an outcome, but like I always say, no external outcome can affect an internal result.

It doesn't matter where you want to get in life, you can get there. You just have to prepare for the roadblocks

See I think the idea of having a backup plan is ridiculous. I don't have back up plans, because why would you need to have one if you already know what you want?

Whatever it is you want should be your only plan, and you give it everything you got. 

By having a backup plan, you are distracting yourself from other goals. Just remember that no matter what, there will be roadblocks. The thing with roadblocks is that no matter where you are, there is always another way.

It may take longer then expected, it may not happen how you hoped, but if you want it, and put in the work to get it, then it WILL happen for you one day.

A roadblock is just another direction sign telling you to take a different way, but you will eventually find yourself at the destination you hoped to get to. 

When you recognize what it is you really want, and you start to go after it no matter what tries to stop you, that's the moment you just Got Better.