It All Happens For A Reason



"Everything happens for a reason." A saying my Mom said to me growing up all the time, and one I would brush off when I was young. Now as I have seen the twists and turns that life can take and how it can bring you to a place you never thought you could be, I realize she was right. 

When we are in High School and College and don't see the results we want right away, we think it's the end of the world. 

If you don't get the job, you get rejected by the girl/ or guy, or even something as simply missing a stoplight. Anything and everything can stress you out in this life.

Having a speech problem growing up, a weight issue, and being rejected by dozens of jobs and girls, my parents would always say that there is a reason you didn't get this one opportunity. That reason being there is a plan to have something so much greater come your way.

My mom showed me a song the other day by Darius Rucker which has not left my head since I first listened to it since it so clearly depicts the idea that things are missed in life to receive something of much more importance in the future.

"For every stoplight, I didn't make. Every chance I did or I didn't take. All the nights I went too far, all the girls that broke my heart. All the doors that I had to close, all the things I knew but I didn't know. Thank God for all I missed, cause it led me here to this."

I can admit that even I overreact when things do not go my way. The important thing is to have a person, or people, who you can rely on to calm you down and help you see the bigger picture. 

Hit the gym to get the stress out in the moment, and then go for a nice walk to clear your head with your favorite music. After an hour, you will realize you deserve so much more than whatever opportunity you weren't given. Get over it, because something so much more is coming your way.

Just so you know....

The reason you didn't get the job is because there is a better one for you.

The reason you got rejected by the girl/ or guy is because they did not deserve you, and you just don't realize it yet.

The reason you missed the stoplight is so you learn to appreciate the journey to where you are going.

Everything happens for a reason, and whatever hardships are presented to you, EMBRACE THEM. Run through every brick wall, to get to your ideal place. Enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

To Get Better you need to know what it is like to be in a place you don't want to be, to understand where it is you want to be.