It's Time To Embrace It



It's time you stop giving a sh*t what people think.

I don't know how to stress enough that no one else's opinion of you matters, except your own.

No matter where you go in life-people will always find a way to try and put you down. Even after my transformation people still try and put me down.

All this made me realize is that it doesn't matter what you look like, or what you act like, people will always find a reason to hate on you.

The one misconception with this idea is that you should ignore people when they try and put you down, but this idea couldn't be any more wrong.

Embrace it. Take everything bad someone says about you, and turn it into passion, anger, and determination.

Get pissed, take it to heart, use it as a way to become so great that the only thing someone can do is learn to shut their mouths about you. 

Don't let it hang around your head though. Once you use all this hate for motivation, forget about it, because no one's opinion of you matters that much to keep YOU down. 

I try and not to care about anything ever says about me, because once I use it to Get Better, I tend to either use it to fuel my drive even more, or forget about it completely.

Nothing should ever hold you down, because everything in life can be used to lift you up.

To end, I would just love to thank all the people who have tried putting me down in life, because you have unleashed a person who won't quit until he proves all of you wrong, and I hope you all begin to think the same way!