Life is Your Own Movie...So You Better Make It A Good One



Everyone knows by now my favorite film, and the impact it has had on my life.

The story of the underdog fighter from Philly has helped shape who I am, and most people have a certain movie which has helped shape their own lives.

The idea of being an underdog is one we all aspire for in some capacity. No one ever wants to think they started on the top, it’s just human nature. Many connect to underdog stories for this reason.

The truth is we are all underdogs, in some way we all overcome extreme obstacles to achieve something. Other people might just not be able to see it.

When you watch a movie, you see first hand the struggles a character goes through to accomplish a goal.

The truth is we are all living our own biopic, but not all of us will see our stories on screen.

For me personally I wake up and work towards creating a life that seems like it’s straight out of Hollywood. One day I want to see a film on screen that says “Inspired by a true story”, and then proceed to watch two hours plus about something extraordinary that I was able to make happen in my own life.

Every single one of our lives is a movie, and your story is important to you. Never let anyone tell you “Life is not a movie”, because your own life is your own personal film with joy, obstacles, sadness, and all other emotions that go into a great movie.

Don’t let anyone make your own story feel insignificant. Make your life story an autobiography, and not a biography. Don’t ever let anyone write your outcome for you.

Your life can be a movie, you just need to make it one that people want to watch. Everyone has a different theme, and everyone has a different outcome.

The one main difference between life and film, is that we aren’t given a Sequel. One chance and one opportunity only to draw in an audience.

No one knows how many years we are given, but you are given only one complete story within that time. Make it all worth it.

You are the lead in your movie, you write the script, and you direct it.  Now go make it win Best Picture.

3, 2,1 Action...........Get Better.