Mamba Mentality

The world stopped on Sunday when we lost an Icon.

Kobe Bryant is one of the most influential athletes in sports history. He achieved the dream he had ever since he was a kid, which was to play for the Los Angeles Lakers and win a Championship. Something he did five times. 

I did not grow up a Laker fan and was not into Basketball as much as I was into Baseball and Football. Even still, I would still say Kobe when I threw a piece of paper into a trash can, simply because it was universally known he was the best of our generation. 

As I got older and got more interested in the sport, Kobe was on his way out of the game, but to this day the most exciting game I ever watched was Kobe's finale at the Staples Center. As he racked up points on his way to 60 I began to understand why he was so beloved.....

Because he gave it everything he had until the very end. 

I became a fan of not just Kobe the Laker, but even more of a fan of Kobe the person.

This ideology he had in which he based his whole life off of was what truly intrigued me. This mentality is known across the world as The Mamba Mentality.

Be the first in the gym and the last one to leave. Be ready to strike at any moment when no one else is expecting it. Be the greatest at whatever you want to be in life. Be the best, and never settle for anything less.

The Mamba Mentality connects with so many people around the world, including myself. It connects because when we see someone live out their dream as Kobe did, it inspires you to do the same. Not many people make something of their dream, but Kobe proved it is possible

Kobe Bryant wanted to Get Better every day, every hour, and every second. The idea of not being the BEST is what motivated him to work harder than everyone else in the room. 

Even when he retired, he found new avenues to direct his determination and motivation, which included him accepting an Oscar two years ago.

Kobe knew that family was most important, and nothing could ever compare. He fought to share his message around the world because he knew nothing matters more than inspiring others when it comes to the purpose of your life. 

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”- Kobe Bryant 

When he had a little success, he wanted more. As he said, “What am I going to get close to the top of Mt. Everest and lie down and sleep for a week?”

When asked if he had an issue with people who lacked a work ethic. He said he didn’t, but had a problem with people who lacked a work ethic and expected to be great.

The common thread with all of this is his work ethic. His work ethic was unparalleled. Even with all his talent, he wanted to work harder than the next guy to solidify his greatness.

Kobe Bryant is a role model to people of all ages and is someone who even though he is gone, will truly live forever.

He will live through each person who has ever been inspired by him. He will live through anyone who took the Mamba Mentality to heart and implemented it into their lives.

Kobe Bryant may not be with us anymore, but he will live through us and will live through generations to come. He spoke success into existence and reached a level few have ever reached........Immortality

Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant, and thank you for leaving an impact on the world that only you could ever create.