Nothing and Nobody Is Out Of Your League


The first mistake people make is with this idea that something can be out of your "league".

Let me just say this now...we are all in the same league!

I hated growing up having to hear people tell others and to myself "That girl is out of your league" or "You should have realistic expectations".

Well listen up, people who tell you that you should have realistic expectations are just people who don't have confidence in themselves to achieve something as great as the thing you have your goals set on. 

You want that job? You want a date with that certain individual? You want to have the greatest physique anyone has ever seen?

Well then GO DO IT.

You can achieve anything you want to in your life, because anything you want you can get.

So while other people are telling you to set realistic expectations this is what I have to say...

There is nothing as having to high of standards. You should have the highest possible standards for everything in your life. You should want the best, because that's what you deserve. 

My whole life people have told me my standards are to high, and to that I say "If they could be higher than what they are right now, they would be."

We all deserve what we work for, we all deserve what we EARN for ourselves!

The one thing I ask you to realize is that nothing, and nobody is out of your league. We are all in the same league, and all you have to do is have the mindset that you want to retire in the Hall of Fame in this league called life.