The Past Can Only Be Your Future If You Let It Be

If you don’t think I know people laugh at me for starting this whole thing, you really are underestimating my intelligence.

That’s ok though, I have always been underestimated. I was the overweight kid, I didn’t dress cool, I got rejected by almost every girl I ever asked out, people never gave me a fair shot.

There are people who are even laughing at me as they read this. That is completely fine as well.

All that I worry about is helping those out there who feel like I used to feel. That feeling that you are a complete loser, and have no value to this world.

I use to portray this confidence that I liked who I was, but in reality, I hated who I was.

The people laughing are probably those who never actually had to work for anything in their lives, everything was most likely handed to them. The people laughing are probably those who don’t know what it’s like to exercise for seven hours a day for three months straight just to lose weight, doing so hoping that society wouldn’t count you out before even giving you a chance.

The reason I started this was to stop other kids from putting themselves in the same dark place I allowed myself to get in. A place where you allow yourself to feel completely useless.

You can not allow yourself to get to that place, because you don’t deserve to be there.

The past is only your future if you let it be. The world can’t count you out if you’re not listening to what it has to say.

Only you can determine the value you have. Only you can wake up each morning and tell yourself you want to get better than who you were yesterday.

To all the kids out there who feel like they aren’t worth it, listen to me when I say you are. It may not be your time right now, but while everyone is laughing, you are only getting stronger for the world ahead.

Your dreams will come true, your life will be as successful as you always imagined, and the reason I know it will be is, in the end, people only want to be put down those they are most intimidated of.

While you are living out your dreams, they will be living out their sad realities!