There Is Nothing Sadder in Life Than This


I had the opportunity recently to interview the creator of one of my favorite films, Chazz Palminteri from A Bronx Tale.
We stood there on Arthur Avenue, in his own neighborhood where the film is set, and I couldn’t help but think of my favorite message that the film sends.
“The Saddest Thing In Life is Wasted Talent."
Chazz wasn’t getting roles out in Hollywood so he decided to write a role for himself. Something many of the greatest legends have done in history.
A true legend will always make it happen for themselves. They don’t expect anything to be given to them, they use their born given talent to go make something of themselves.
A fear of mine I constantly think about is not living up to my potential. The idea of not becoming all that I am capable of is what drives me to never settle for anything less than the best.
The vision I see when I think of my future is a kid from New York who made it huge on his own, with the love and support of his family.
Every person has a talent. No matter what it is, each person on this planet has a talent.
The main difference is some people don’t take advantage of that talent. Sometimes out of the fear of failure, and some out of the fear of rejection.
So many people in this generation expect things to be handed to them. The idea of hard work is forgotten so often in our society. I refuse to take anything from anybody unless I use my talent and skill to earn it for myself.
When I was younger I didn’t tap into my talent. I expected things to happen but didn’t actually do anything to get the outcome I had hoped.
That changed when I realized it wasn’t going to happen unless I put my blood, sweat, and tears into every single thing I do.
If you aren’t living a life you hoped, get out of bed and make it happen for yourself. Don’t rely on anyone else to lead you to your destination. Take the wheel and drive as fast and furiously to where you want to be.
Find what you’re good at and what you love, and give it your complete focus. Don’t let any frivolous distractions get in your way.
I remind myself constantly that I don’t want to be on my death bed knowing I could have been someone special, but I just didn’t give it everything I had.
Every person can be a legend, but not every person will be.
Every person can have success, but not everyone deserves success.
Remember there will never be anything sadder than wasted talent. Find your talent and use it to go Get Better!