You Can Never Think You're Good Enough

Yesterday the Yankees won the season opener in large part thanks to their newest member, Giancarlo Stanton.

Stanton in his first game with the Bronx Bombers hit two home runs, a double, and drove in four runs, and as I was watching it got me thinking...

The Yankees Got Better this offseason. 

(Image from Newsday Sports via Twitter)


They were one win away from the World Series last year, and could have easily made it that far once again with the unbelievable team they have assembled over the last couple years, but they didn't just sit there and hope something great would happen. They went out and swung a trade for the reigning NL MVP.


See what they realized is that their team was perfect in many ways, but they still could get better.

One win away isn't winning the World Series. One win away isn't making it to the World Series.

The Yankees are winners, they are the greatest winners that have ever existed, but they aren't settling for one win away. They want another ring. 

You can never think you are good enough, because you aren't.

You can always be in better shape, you can always do better in school, you can always be a better person than you are at this current moment.

Find where in your life you can improve, and do it. The only way you can Get Better is by not accepting who you at this very moment. 

I have never felt good enough, and I'm glad I have faced so much rejection in my life because it makes me accept that someone doesn't view me as good enough

The only thing I can do from here is do what the Yankees did...

They got better.