You Decide Your Outcome



People everyday of your lives will try and deter you from what it is you want in life. 

I don't care what it is you want. If you intend to do anything in life, you should always aim for the best possible outcome. 

You have one chance at the life you were given. Why waste any time on something you don't want. I don't believe in Plan B's. If Plan A doesn't work, I will keep trying until I get the outcome of Plan A. If you don't succeed, it means you didn't want it bad enough.

As I sit here watching one of my favorite films Footloose, the song I'm Free came on. 

"If there's anything worth my love it's worth a fight. We only get one chance, but nothing ties our hands. You're what I want, listen to me, nothing I want is out of my reach!"

Everyday could be your last, so why waste any of your time on something you don't want to do. 

Nothing is out of your reach. Go Get Better!