You Need To Accept The Fact That Not Everyone Will Like You


One of my top five tips for losing weight I always say is that you can't care what anyone thinks of you or what you're doing. This isn't just related to weight loss, but it is an essential part of everyday life.

If I woke up every morning thinking about the people who don't like me, or don't believe I can accomplish my dreams, I would sit in my bed all day and sulk. 

I have never cared what anyone has ever thought of my dreams, my goals, or me. The only opinions you should care about are those of the ones you value. 

Why would you care about someones opinion of you who has no effect on your life?

You should't care to be liked by everyone (because it will never happen), but you should care that you are respected everyone.

Don't care what others think! People will always want to see you fail, especially when they know they can't accomplish it themselves. 

"You've lost the exact moment you care about what anyone else thinks of you"-Jake Kosack

Stop letting others determine the outcome of your life. When you stop tunining out the haters, that's when you will start winning. 


-Jake Kosack