You Never Actually Get Rejected

I don’t believe that you get rejected, I believe that you get motivated.

I’ve been rejected A LOT! In all walks of life, I have been rejected. 

If it is for a job, a role, a team, or a girl, I have seen my fair share of rejection.

The thing Is, I don’t believe that you ever get rejected, I believe you get motivated. For me at least, when I don't get something I worked for, I realize it’s not a time to get’s a time to get pissed, and more importantly a time to get motivated.

When you hear the word NO, you have to work as hard as you can so one day you hear the word YES. You have to make everyone who doubted you realize that they made the biggest mistake of their life by passing you by.

Use that rejection to fuel your fire. Use it to make yourself the greatest you possibly can be.

I work hard so I don’t have to be rejected anymore, I work hard so that I can make those who have rejected me wish they could rewind time, and take back what they let walk away from them.

Don’t be afraid to do something, because you may be turned away. Even if you do get turned away, look at the person right in the eyes, and tell them that they will regret that they doubted your potential.

If there is something you want, GO FOR IT. I don't care what it is. Don't be afraid, go full force at it and run through the walls blocking you from it.

Go after your dream job, go after the body of your dreams, go for the life you want to live.

You never actually get rejected if you get motivated. 

If you get rejected, guess what? The only thing you can do is GET BETTER!